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Hailey, Maggie

Maggie and Hailey are the hottest lesbians of their time. When hairy muff was in vogue these two had it all covered. Juicy cunt lips get teased by expert tongue action. Slow and gentle licking sends shivers of lust through their spines. We see bodies gyrating from the pleasure of lustful tongue in pussy action. There are plenty of close ups of juicy wet cunts getting tickled by lesbian tongue. Orgasmic spasms are the result of gentle stroking of delicate pussy lips. we see plenty of finger action on excited clits and juicy wet pussy.

Comments(0) 23 March 2020, 11:41 pm

Mable Bell, Hailey Train, John Holmes

John Holmes is one of those guys that got better known than the hotties he was fucking when he was kicking it during the classic porn era. Mable Bell and Hailey Train are all over his dick, one girl on one side and one on the other. They need to have a setup like that because John Holmes' dick is so damn thick that neither one of these girls wants to be the first one to try putting that dick in their mouth. Instead these ladies are going to go ahead and work together to accomplish all of their cocksucking goals.

Comments(0) 1 September 2016, 2:41 am

Tina Russel, Larry Dallas

Vintage porn is a time where you really got to appreciate hairy pussies, especially since the cameras usually zoomed in up close and personal on those super hairy pussies. You certainly are going to love watching that sweet hairy snatch getting pounded by Larry Dallas. He knows how to appreciate Tina Russel's very jungle like bush. Even if you aren't a hairy fan you can also check out Tina's nicely curvy body. You unfortunately don't get to see too many sex curves like that in our day and age.

Comments(0) 9 August 2015, 7:04 am

Lisa De Leeuw

Sexy, voluptuous vintage pornstar Lisa De Leeuw puts on an amazing solo performance. After engaging in some hot and heavy phone conversation that gets her touching herself, she gets so horny that she has no choice but to hang up the phone and take care of her desires. Starting with her very large and full breasts she grabs them tightly and sucks on the nipples, leaving lipstick marks on her breasts. She then pulls down her garter belt to expose a partially groomed pussy that is dripping wet and aching for some attention. Lisa knows how to take care of herself and gets right to work on that orgasm she needs.

Comments(0) 27 September 2014, 5:18 pm

Josie Pussytwat, Jenny Twazzletits, Estella Schnitzenpuss, Larry Dallas, Ken Baynton

Josie Pussytwat, Jenny Twazzletits and Estella Schnitzenpuss are all starring in this rather sex filled vintage porno. You're going to see pretty much every damn combination of fucking that you would love. Josie delivers a mean blowjob on Larry Dallas while Jenny and Estella are exploring the fine art of lesbian fucking. Ken Baynton gets himself a rather good time when he runs into one of these sexually charged ladies and offers up his dick as an offering to satiate their out of control sexual energy.

Comments(0) 12 September 2014, 6:28 am

Ashley, Shasta, Nadine

Ashley, Shasta and Nadine are a trio of vintage lesbians who have an intense sexual chemistry with each other and they're going to go ahead and fuck themselves into a stupor. They have the idea to do a lesbian threesome and just bring some plastic dicks along for the ride. They get so damn intense that the pussy juice is dripping right off of their slits, and getting a mess all over the place. Of course these ladies don't care, they just want to go ahead and fuck the day away until they can't orgasm any more.

Comments(0) 31 July 2014, 10:41 pm

Arcadia Lake, Junior Farmer, Frank Burns

Arcadia Lake is one of the most petite vintage porn stars around. Most of the ladies back then had at least a few extra pounds to show off, so it's pretty rare to see a pornstar as thin as Arcadia is back then. She might look fragile but she's able to take one hell of a pounding, which you find out soon enough when she gets in the middle of Junior Farmer and Frank Burns. Not only does she end up sucking both of these guys off, she also makes sure to get herself right in the middle of their dicks and taking one down her throat and the other deep inside her.

Comments(0) 4 May 2014, 3:28 am

Elsa, Gertrude, Cathy

These three hotties from the classic era do it all. Right off the bat they get down to business. Off come the panties and tops exposing exquisite breasts and pussies. Close ups of tongue in pussy from behind are followed by nipple licking. There is plenty of face in the pussy to go around. Two tongues working the same muff send trembles of lust through the lucky sluts body. Out comes the giant dildo and they take turns taking it up thier cunts. The gyrations of their bodies follow the strokes of the toy cock.

Comments(0) 3 May 2014, 10:08 pm

Lacey Bannerson, Estella Schnitzenpuss, Junior Farmer

There isn't a lot of vintage porn that features voyeurs, but this is probably about as close as you can get. Estella Schnitzenpuss is sitting in the corner, watching Junior Farmer go to town on Lacey Bannerson. Lacey loves getting watched while she seduces Junior and uses all of her formidable cock sucking skills to drive him crazy. She's sporting a crazy hairy pussy that gets pounded plenty hard and shown off in a close up to the camera. The entire time Estella is just hanging out like nothing is going on.

Comments(0) 1 April 2014, 4:11 pm

Jane, Gemma, Harry Reems, Raymond

Who says that vintage porn isn't full of shocking moments? This outdoor porn orgy is going to knock your socks off, especially when you see all five of them going at it. Jane, Gemma and one of their friends is getting nasty with Harry Reems and Raymond. To make it even hotter they're not even hiding their orgy in their house. Instead they just roll out the blankets and start doing it outside. Maybe they're looking for a few of their neighbors to come join them or they just get one hell of a kick out of thinking people are watching them.

Comments(0) 30 March 2014, 3:52 pm

Janice Marie, John Holmes

When you are a size queen in the vintage porn era, there is exactly one dick that you wanted to go to - John Holmes' cock. His dick is so big that it made him famous throughout the ages, and it also got so many chicks after him for the fuck of their life. These ladies just want to pound pound pound away until they can fit their pussies all the way around his dong. As Janice Marie throws herself at John Holmes her pussy is screaming out to take a ride on that world famous cock, no matter how stretched she gets.

Comments(0) 21 March 2014, 11:30 am

Jessie St. James, Sally Peeper, John Juurinen

Vintage porn during an era when story lines were important, you didn't hear the stars speak but only heard music. Yes, it was the good old days with unshaved pussies, average size dicks and chicks sucked and licked cocks rather than gagged on them. For fans of the way things were, this scene featuring Jessie St. James, Sally Peeper and John Jun is one for your collection. This threesome puts on a good show with two hot chicks and tons of close-up hard core action. These very naughty all natural girls love cock, and pussy too!

Comments(0) 10 March 2014, 2:18 pm

Estella Schnitzenpuss, Larry Dallas

The vintage porn era had some of the most interesting pornstar names around. Today we're looking at Estella Shnitzenpuss. Who knows the origin of her last name but it has to be one of the most interesting things to moan outloud in the history of porn. Larry Dallas is already naked and sitting on the photo set when Estella comes up to him. The pure sexual tension between these two speaks to a rather intense fuck fest. It's probably not the most comfortable place in the world to get freaky out but this lusty couple couldn't care less.

Comments(0) 9 March 2014, 2:13 am

Lori Bacall, Kitty Foreman, John Holmes

Lori Bacall and Kitty Foreman are about to have a solo experience with John Holmes' dick that will sour them on pretty much everyone's dick for the rest of their lives. John starts off by getting Lori to attempt to take his dick all the way down her throat. It's pretty much impossible for her, since he's one of the biggest dick guys around. Kitty Foreman comes in about halfway through the scene for her own one on one time with John Holmes. She takes a taste of that cock and makes sure to get it shoved in her sweet pussy.

Comments(0) 26 February 2014, 2:04 am

Heather, Zuckerman

Heather is a naughty vintage housewife who is looking for some major excitement, and there's nothing more exciting than fucking on camera when the vast majority of people don't even own a camera. Her hairy pussy takes center stage in this passionate fuck fest. If you love a hirsute muff then you are going to go wild when the camera zooms in on that pussy getting plundered by Zuckerman. Heather is certainly going wild, and when you hear the noises that she makes when she climaxes you know you're in for a good time.

Comments(0) 16 February 2014, 4:49 am

Lisa, Marie

This classic has Lisa and Marie showing their attraction for one another. Off come the clothes to expose two beautiful bodies. The typical kissing and caressing of the tits and is followed by plenty of tongue action on the pussy. These two take turns carpet munching each other. The spasms and gyrations from the one being eaten out shows that these chicks know how to please one an other. Expert fingers in the pussy combined with tongue on the clit have these sluts quickly reaching a high level of excitement. Close ups of their snatch exposes classic cunts at their best.

Comments(0) 19 November 2013, 6:41 pm

Terry Hall

You might not know this, but double ended dildos were hanging around back in the day and it looks like Terry Hall and her friend are putting it to great use. These two rather striking and horny vixens whip out this interesting sex toy and start going to town on each other. They are getting more and more intense as the scene goes on and before long you can see their legs shaking and quivering in excitement. They absolutely lose it when the double ended dildo is in both of them and there's plenty of fucking going on.

Comments(0) 19 October 2013, 11:18 pm

Stephanie Ranger, John Holmes

John Holmes and his dick are pretty much the most famous male pornstar around, and it's in part to the way he handles the saucy ladies who simply throw themselves at him. He's all about getting his dick deep inside the hairy pussy of Stephanie Ranger, who is very happy to see him. Her pussy can barely contain all of his inches and you can hear it stretching and straining as he thrusts in deep. Her moans get louder and louder and you know that she's about to experience the hottest orgasm of the century.

Comments(0) 5 October 2013, 10:28 pm

Estella Schnitzenpuss, Junior Farmer

Estella Schnitzenpuss wants fucked immediately when she gets in the mood, whether she's baking a cake or getting herself a nice, warm bubble bath. Today you'll find her in the tub with her beau Junior Farmer, who seems like he's the type that doesn't mind fucking in the bathroom or any other room inside the house. They start things off tamely enough but end up getting down and dirty in a tub full of bubbles. This nasty vintage pair loves every second that they have together, especially when it involves pussy pounding.

Comments(0) 2 October 2013, 1:49 pm

Kelly, Stella

This classic has three lesbians pleasing each other with dildos. While their hands are stroking their cunts with their toys their tongues are in each others mouths. Various shots of the toy dicks plunging in and out of their juicy wet holes. Bodies serging and heaving with lust they continue pleasuring their pussies. The deeper and faster they go the more their bodies pulse with lust. These horney sluts just can't seem get enough. It is exhausting work but these beauties just don't quit. Finally their bodies seize after one final spasm when they reach the climax of the effort and explode in orgasm.

Comments(0) 21 September 2013, 2:18 pm

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